Various services are offered to our core business is the commercial for importing, distributing and marketing of products over the past few years.

Import and Export

Since 2016, Export-Import Services has served as the right arm of successful small and medium sized Somali businesses doing business overseas, taking care of all their export and import needs. BBG takes pride in our import export services, and we cater to all of our clients’ needs.

Construction and Buildings

We undertake a wide variety of Construction and building work - from small,one of residential jobs, to home builds to large commercial or industrial projects. At Bulsho Business Group, we specialise in many different types of Construction and building work including: planning & design, costing, maintenance, and construction materials.

Logistic Services

We’re one of the leading international freight forwarding which provide a “one-stop-solution” to meet all of your logistics requirements. Whether you are looking to relocate household goods throughout Somalia and East Africa countries delivering cost-effective solutions.

Fuel supply

The Company has adequate knowledge of fuel supply including Petrol, Diesel and JetA1. The company will promise to provide good quality of fuel with affordable prices. The company has a system of testing utilizing deep stick labelled with measurement figures to verify whether the barrel or drum of 200 litres is full or not.

Medical Equipment

BBG department of medical Equipment is a national distributor and manufacturer of medical equipment, devices and supplies. By bringing the products directly from the factory to the consumer, we are able to offer significant savings. By offering a broad range of quality medical products from top manufacturers, BBG is able to provide selection which best suits our customer needs. By providing customized project solutions along with expert customer support, we are able to meet your objectives within your budgetary requirements. We are trusted provider of medical office cabinets, rehab equipment, EMS stretchers, medical lighting, hospital linens, laboratory equipment and much more. With nearly 100,000 medical products, your satisfaction is guaranteed. From hospital equipment to medical facility project management, from doctors to patients, and everyone in between.

General Trading

We import, distribute and market: food, fuel, construction materials, vehicles and trucks, spare parts, tyres and batteries, throughout Somalia and East Africa countries delivering cost-effective solutions.